Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie

Scottish music from the north east of Scotland. This song tells the story of an Irish Dragoon passing through the town of Fyvie. He falls in love with the darling of the town but she refuses him.
Next day he is killed in battle or did he die of a broken heart?

verse 1

There once was a troop o Irish dragoons,
Cam marchin doon through Fyvie o
The captains fell in love wi a very bonnie lass,
And her name it was cad pretty peggy o

verse 2

Now theres many a bonnie lass in the howe o Auchterlass,
Theres manys a bonnie lass in the Garioch,
Theres many a bonnie Jean on the streets o Aiberdeen,
But the floor o them a is in Fyvie o

verse 3

Oh its come doon the stair, pretty peggy my dear,
Its come doon the stair pretty Peggy o
Oh come doon the stairs, comb back your yellow hair,
Take a last farewell o your daddy o

verse 4

Its Ill gie you ribbons for your bonnie golden hair,
Ill gie you a necklace o amber o
Ill gie you silken petticoats befitting your degree,
If youll convoy me doon tae my chaumer o

verse 5

Oh I hae got ribbons for my bonnie golden hair,
And I got a necklace o amber o
And I got petticoats befitting my degree,
And Id scorn tae be seen in your chaumer o

verse 6

It was early next morning when we rode awa,
And o but our captain was sorry o,
The drums they did beat Oer the bonnie braes o Gight,
And the band played the lowlands o Fyvie o

verse 7

lang eer we went into old Meldrum toon,
Its we had to carry our Captain o
Lang eer we went into bonnie Aiberdeen,
Its we had our captain to bury o

verse 8

Green grow the birk on bonnie Ythanside,
And low lies the lowlands o Fyvie o
The captains name was Ned and he died for a maid,
He died for the bonnie maid o Fyvie o

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