Saturday, July 23, 2005

(Jim McLean)

They murdered the Wallace for treason
His body has long since decayed
But no English crown can destroy him
For Wallace is with us today

They hung Wallace high on the gallows, then let him down ere he was dead
And while he choked, the Queen cheered him for daring to cross English tent
His heart and his liver they savaged as Her Majesty watched the glad scene
His head was cut off, he was quartered, 'twas an afternoon fit for a queen

He took up his sword against England, the cowardly sassenach ran
He beat them at Falkirk and Stirling and burnt them like rats from our land
King Edward of England was raging that Scotland was free once again
The Scottish Republican Army had wiped out his best fighting men

Oh William Wallace fought bravely, no Englishman could him defeat
But English gold bought Scottish quislings, and he was betrayed by Menteith
With a crown made of thorns he was tortured for setting his own country free
How am I a traitor, cried Wallace, When England is foreign to me

To Edinburgh, Stirling and Falkirk, from Inverness to Elderslie
His spirit is calling for justice and commands us to set ourselves free
And when once again we do battle for Wallace against England's scum
We've no fear of betrayal to the Saxon - let them come, let them come, let them come

(as sung by Nigel Denver)

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dani said...

i have been looking for the audio to this song since i visited scotland in september and i can't find it anywhere! could u send it to me or do you have any idea at all where i could purchase it?! id be so appreciative

my email is